A new look of Marinara








A new look of Marinara

Is it necessary to improve the model of the kitchen, if it`s already popular? GeosIdeal kitchen sales statistic shows that the buyers prefer modern kitchens. The laconic appearance of the front, high-quality fittings, functional layout – that’s what attracts in such kitchens. Modern materials: acrylic, plastic, painted MDF significantly increase the number of possible options for the execution of kitchen furniture. But only solid wood kitchens stand out against the background of typical modern models, having a unique character and visual value.

One of the most popular kitchens of the GeosIdeal factory, Marinara, fully meets the needs of demanding customers. Modern, functional and at the same time retaining the warmth of natural materials. The great model! A large number of orders is a proof.

A new look of Marinara

Should the model be improved? Certainly! Designers and technologists of the factory added the aluminum Gola- profile as a constructive element of the Marinara kitchen. Traditional handles no longer violate the strict geometry of the of Marinara fronts. The horizontal direction of the natural wood texture on the facade elements is supported by the contrasting lines of the Italian Gola-profile. The ergonomics of Marinara has also improved: opening of cabinets and drawers of the renovated kitchen have become more convenient.

The choice of Marinara wooden fronts has been significantly expanded: it is possible to order a kitchen made of oak. Thanks to the use of a transparent finishing on oak facades, the total number of variants has reached up to 30. The color palette of the Gola-profile matches the color scheme of the fronts. A designer can choose any of 22 decors. It is recommended to order the basement of the kitchen in the same color.

A new look of Marinara

As in other models of GeosIdeal kitchens with Gola-profile (Calypso, Modo, Petra, Picardie, Freda, Eywa), you can open cabinets and drawers in different ways: in the bottom row and in columns – by the kitchen front, in the upper ones – by built-in handles in the lower ends of the doors, or by means of the push-pull system (by pressing on the front surface of the door).

A new look of Marinara

The new Marinara will certainly interest those who prefer modern style. Stylish GeosIdeal furniture will help to create coziness in their home. For more information about the Marinara kitchen with gola-profile you are welcome in GeosIdeal showrooms.