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Become our partner

Belarusian furniture
18 collections
Fast quotation in our 3D design tool
We train sales staff and provide webinars

Our offer includes

GeosIdeal exclusive studio

  • Extra discounts for a quick start
  • Sample door storage organizer
  • Our designer’s assistance in creating your dream studio
  • Launching your showroom within 6 weeks
  • Ready-made internet promotion campaigns, a website to start with
  • Extra advertising and financial support


  • Extra discounts for a quick start
  • Reduced expenses on your showroom kitchens
  • Our designer’s assistance in 3D drawing of your showroom
  • Progressive revenue-dependent discounts
  • You can work with other suppliers

Our advantages

Smooth logistics We deliver to faraway regions of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan Фабрика кухонь
We ship your orders always on schedule Our incoming order staff work through your orders to prevent mistakes Фабрика кухонь
High quality packaging EAC certified packaging. We do not save up on that Фабрика кухонь
Discounts for your showroom kitchens Do not hesitate to choose anything you like Фабрика кухонь

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Contact us:

Sales: Europe, North America, Middle East
Head of Sales department Tatiana Orehova
+375 44 525 07 23

Sales manager, Belarus
Artiom Sermiazhko
+375 44 702 92 43

Sales manager, Russia, Kazakhstan
Kirill Vazhnik
+375 29 156 85 95