New kitchen Fiuggi









New kitchen Fiuggi

Fiuggi is an architectural kitchen inspired by the sensuality of Japanese craftsmanship.

A special feature of the design is the planning approach, consisting of the presence of accented ribs, handles made of solid wood and lath glass doors. As a result, a modern minimalist composition with unique Japanese features is created. It is so light and airy, harmoniously integrated into any house or apartment, regardless of its geographical location.

Wooden fronts in transparent finishes and solid wood handles create a weightless organic space in Japandi or Wabi Sabi styles, as well as fits the modern minimalistic interior.

The Fiuggi model is a story about natural delicacy, organic simplicity and life philosophy.

Fiuggi glass doors, reminiscent of bamboo screens, are an understated accent in the kitchen. The spacing and thickness of the laths are perfectly proportioned, imperceptible at first glance, but in perfect harmony with the partitions and handles on the fronts.

The uniqueness of the glass doors lies in the fact that they are manufactured without glass and can be used both in the upper cabinets and in high columns and lower modules – absolutely safe design.

New kitchen Fiuggi

According to the designer idea, there are no handles on the glass doors; they can be opened for any of the wooden laths. It is also possible to install a push-pool system when you need to push the door on a certain area.

The third option is available – the perfectly shaped Italian handle, the width of which is maximally matched to the thickness of the paths.

The built-in illumination allows you to add an additional game of light and shadow to the kitchen in the evening.

New kitchen Fiuggi

The unusual handle-profile on the fronts is made in the factory from natural solid wood, thus it`s possible to paint it in the colour of the fronts, taking into account the smallest shades.

The wooden handle is a conceptual element of the kitchen and, combined with the intermediate panels, creates unique solutions that distinguish Fiuggi from any other kitchen on the market.

The Fiuggi model allows you to create harmonious transitions from the kitchen space to the dining and living areas.

All the elements are of high design; thus creating the balanced space, that shows the excellent taste of the owner.

New kitchen Fiuggi

Furniture in the living room is made in identical colours. Low laconic TV cabinets look harmoniously – an excellent solution for Scandi or Japandi interior

You can emphasize the dynamics of lath shelving through the use of decorative wall panels made of natural wood veneer.

The Fiuggi model is a eco-philosophy kitchen. Of particular value is the essential ash and oak wood.

Inspired by nature, we see Fiuggi with maximum natural fronts in woody, sandy or grey tones: for example, the delicate Baltic, the northern Raf, the airy Hygge or the noble Ecru.

In addition to the already known finishes, 2 new decors have been developed

Mysterious Kurai – the colour of dark Swiss chocolate with woody texture and tasty Carameru –warm caramel oak.

The kitchen is created for people with the highest aesthetic perception and who appreciate in objects not only the appearance, but also the hidden sense. It`s the intellectual design!