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On a summer night during a regular field shift,
several geologists full of dreams and at the same time realistic about life,
were speculating on how to live on - it was the year of 1991…
On a summer night during a regular field shift, several geologists full of dreams and at the same time realistic about life, were speculating on how to live on - it was the year of 1991…

- how about starting a sales business? - no, not my cup of tea!
— I’d like to make something useful for everybody
— every Soviet person dreams of having durable furniture
— and being proud of it!!

After many thoughts and doubts under a July starlit sky there was born this dream of GeosIdeal. The company name is derived from the Greek “geo” (earth) and is connected with the National Geology Organization where the beginning entrepreneurs worked at the time. This connection persists even now, 30 years into the business.

The dream came true with a little enterprise “Geos” which carried out sporadic orders for custom-made furniture. It was headed by Vladimir Mikhailenko.

The dreaming ex-geologists became designers, production engineers, cabinetmakers and even assembly specialists.

They had to master working wood - a most tricky but unique and incredibly rich material. There was real emotion about wooden furniture, and the food tasted better in a wooden kitchen, and the conversations were again genuine and intimate as if you were back in youth and sitting by a campfire.

Founding father-geologists-dreamers
The company founder had to participate in cabinet assembly in the beginning

ФThe company started taking an active part in furniture exhibitions. The first steps were rather unpretentious but historically important. It was at the exhibitions where the first export contracts were signed.

1995 год – exports to Russia started. Our partners in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh distribute our products all over Russia. 2013 - an affiliate branch registered in Ukraine.

After a five-year period the company decided to focus its manufacturing power on wooden kitchen furniture only. Most of the woodworking was done manually then, however it was at the time that the company started cooperating with European machinery manufacturers.

The first men that had started the company several years before left: they chose an easier and faster way of making money. Only one of them stayed on - the most determined and persistent - Vladimir Mikhailenko. The man who did not give up his dream.


The company turned into a family business. Family businesses had long been popular in Italy where furniture factories existed for decades, and company management was passed down from generation to generation. But it was novel for Belarus.

1997. The little enterprise grew up to become a big factory. Top quality standards were to be reflected in the company’s name - that is when the “Ideal” part was added.

Norma, the very first collection, the progenitor of all the later collections

In order to reduce dependence on timber suppliers, the company started its own timber-sawing operations and then moved on to acquiring modern wood drying machines to improve door quality.


The company set out on a global project - the construction of a fully integrated manufacturing centre in Smolevichi district. We always return to our beginnings. So did the family business continue where the ancestors had lived. That land had been taken away by the Bolsheviks, and now after 100 years it was being resurrected. 190 people would be working there. Fascinating and emotional furniture would be created there, and traditions would survive.


The brand-new high-tech plant was built to meet the latest manufacturing requirements. We created a new infrastructure, acquired cutting-edge machinery and set up smooth logistics. Now we are also designing a mega showroom and an education centre..

We did reach the ultimate goal of uniting all our manufacturing facilities under one roof. Geos now ready to spread its wings!

Today GeosIdeal is a growing company that delivers its products via 140 kitchen studios in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Sweden and Germany. It is also a team of 250 professionals super passionate about their trade.

And the principles declared on that remote summer night are still among the core values of the company.