GeosIdeal kitchens with Silver Defence








GeosIdeal kitchens with Silver Defence – a new kitchen safety standard.

GeosIdeal kitchens with Silver Defence

You cook, and the kitchen doors get cleaned…*


The kitchen room is an accommodation that requires extra cleanliness and a special care. Moisture and food leftovers create conditions for pathogenic germs that can be dangerous for your health.

GeosIdeal takes care of your health: in addition to the high quality and safety of our furniture confirmed by EAC certification, we offer an ideal solution for kitchen furniture with paint and lacquer doors – an anti-bacterial protection based on silver ions added to the finish lacquer.


The defense mechanism: the lacquer applied at the final stage is mixed with a special additive containing silver ions.


An active Ag+ ion penetrating a pathogenic germ cell disrupts its metabolism, attacks its DNA and destroys it eventually. As a result, the germ can no longer feed or reproduce by fission, and it dies in the end.

GeosIdeal kitchens with Silver Defence

Being of mineral origin silver ions stay stable for a long time.

GeosIdeal silver defense:

Effective – silver ions not only help destroy pathogenic germs, but also have a bacteriostatic effect, that is they prevent their reproduction.

Free – all our MDF painted doors have antibacterial finish

Permanent – the invisible protection works as long as you use our furniture

Official – the effectiveness of the Silver Defence technology is confirmed in accordance with the JIS Z 2801:2006 standards.Availability – handleless doors


*regular cleaning needed even for doors with antibacterial protection.

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