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Kitchens on order

A custom kitchen is a great opportunity to create the furniture of your dreams: functional, comfortable, ideally suited to your aesthetic preferences. You yourself determine the complete set, layout, appearance and “stuffing” of the headset. If the GeosIdeal kitchen is ordered, it will be factory-quality furniture, equipped with the most modern fittings, with a 3-year warranty.

What can our customers determine to their taste?

  1. Style conception
  2. Door material
  3. Colour
  4. Layout
  5. Height of wall cabinets
  6. Hardware and fittings

Style conception


This style shall not go out of fashion even in decades. It is characterized by attention to proportions in furniture layout, decorative elements and surface finishes emphasizing the beauty of natural wood. It creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, status and comfort.

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The modern style is simplicity, functionality and multitude of materials. It requires a lot of free spaces in the furniture layout and implies use of the most up-to-date hardware and fittings.

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Provence is a style that was invented to create a rural environment in the interior. A country style kitchen suite implies natural wood, handcrafted decoration and natural colours of furniture surfaces.

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In a general sense, loft is a style creating an atmosphere of industrial environment. Imagine a spacious studio with high ceilings and large windows and walls without any decorative finishing (often only brickwork or its imitation). Add visible plumbing and ventilation pipes, and almost no decoration. Sometimes only some of the loft elements are used in the interior.

There is not much furniture in loft interiors. Anyway, it is supposed to be functional, low-key and usually geometrically simple. The colours are to be neutral, with several bright colour accents. The doors can be made of a variety of materials, including natural wood. Metal elements remind of its industrial origin.

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Solid material

Wood is a tried and tested material for making furniture. Wood furniture is synonymous with style, comfort and quality.  Modern woodworking and finishing technologies help decorate furniture and make it last longer.

Advantages: decorative effect, high compatibility with other materials (stone floor, glass lamps, etc.), durability, restorative potential, eco-friendliness.

Distinctions: relatively expensive, humidity- and temperature-dependent.

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Wood veneer

Wood veneer is a thin layer of hardwoods used as a decorative covering for chipboard and MDF panels. Veneer is used for making flat panels inserted in door frames and slab panel doors for modern collections. Veneer can also be used for facing visible cabinet panels.

Advantages: using veneer makes it possible to substantially reduce furniture costs preserving the beauty of natural wood. Besides, veneer doors are less dependent on humidity fluctuations.

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Nanotechnologies are being used more and more often to manufacture kitchen cabinet doors. The Fenix NTM material (Arpa, Italy) is capable of ‘curing’ minor scratches originating from everyday use.

Advantages: matt surface pleasant to the touch, deep and pure colours, water resistance, ability to regenerate after little scratches.

Distinctions: a limited number of colours, relatively expensive

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Acrylic is a material used in the manufacture of high quality cabinet doors. GeosIdeal uses Senosan (Austria) acrylics for its kitchens.

Advantages: deep and pure colours, smooth and even glossy surface, moisture resistance, chemical stability.

Distinctions: relatively expensive, a limited number of colours, specific care (finger stains are possible).

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Painted MDF

Advantages: a multitude of colours, identical surface on the front surface and on the ends, moisture resistance.

Distinctions: relatively expensive, careful handling.

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Laminated chipboard

We are currently making our cabinet doors of chipboard panels of well-known European manufacturers: Skin (Italy), Synchron (Spain), Egger (Austria).

Advantages: unique decors (wood imitation, stone imitation, textile imitation, etc.), easy care, relatively cheap.

Distinctions: number of decors limited by our stock inventory.

See painted Laminated in catalogue


Natural wood (transparent finish)

Wood is a traditional material for cabinet doors. We try to highlight the wood grain by staining and colour it by applying different lacquers: from light to dark.

Such finishes perfectly match classic interiors. But it is a more frequent practice now to combine wood doors covered by transparent lacquers with monochrome painted or plastic doors. It makes modern kitchens warmer, more comfortable and exclusive.

Colour kitchen

The furniture colour is determined by a customer’s preferences or on the basis of the interior into which the kitchen will be incorporated. Thus, it is a good idea to use light colours or even pure white colours for dark or little rooms. Saturated colours must match the overall design of the kitchen.

Both wood doors and MDF doors can be painted. The wood surfaces get scrubbed first with special brushes to highlight the grain. So, you will clearly see the wood pattern even on painted surfaces.

Painted MDF gives a lot of design opportunities: an enormous number of colours to combine with virtually any other materials and realize any ideas.

There are not as many opportunities to play with the colour of laminate doors because the number of patterns is limited by our short-list preferences.

Laminate patterns

The laminate pattern can be an imitation of different natural materials: wood, stone or a textile fabric. Combining laminate with other materials expands the scope of design in the economy kitchen range.

One-wall layout

It is the easiest solution. All functional zones (storage, preparation, cooking and serving) are in one line. Used both in little kitchen rooms and in studio apartments.

The one-wall layout is not the best solution as it lacks ergonomics: you walk quite a distance when cooking.


The most frequent layout. The L-shaped kitchen design eliminates excessive traffic in the cooking area and lets you organize the work triangle. It is often used for classic kitchens, as there are not enough corner solutions in modern kitchens.

If you choose to design a modern kitchen as an L shape, you should add hanging open shelves on one of the walls or eliminate wall cabinets entirely. This technique will fill the room with air making it light and functional.

U-shape, island and other layouts

Complex layouts can be worked out by professional designers who try to fulfill different missions: zoning, making the cooking and eating comfortable and incorporating the furniture in the interior design.

U-shaped, island and other layouts are technically complex solutions that require custom-made cabinetry. We offer a great variety of cabinets to accomplish non-standard ideas at regular prices.

Height of wall cabinets

Depending on a designer’s idea, GeosIdeal wall cabinets can be of different height: from 360 mm to 1320 mm. The wall cabinets can also be topped by lift cabinets to fully use the wall area up to the ceiling.

Hardware and fittings

There are some moving parts in your furniture such as doors, drawers and pull-out baskets which impact the ergonomics and durability of your kitchen. That is why we chose Blum as the main supplier of high quality hardware for our furniture. Blum is the world’s leader in the manufacture of furniture hinges, lift mechanisms and pull-out systems. We offer hardware and fittings either in economy  or in premium range depending on how much comfort you want. We guarantee you quality and durability in any case.

We also offer you built-in metal and plastic dish drainers and various storage systems that make your kitchen more comfortable and functional.

It is difficult to give you a complete picture of all the high-tech hardware we offer in just one post. Normally, the choice of a storage system depends on the design logic of the kitchen being ordered.

Are you perplexed by the diversity of storage systems? And the market keeps offering you more and more storage solutions. You should consult a professional not to be misled.

It is difficult to give you a complete picture of all the high-tech hardware we offer in just one post. Normally, the choice of a storage system depends on the design logic of the kitchen being ordered.

Are you not done yet renovating your residence? In our kitchen studios they will explain to you how to position electric sockets and how to do the tiling, what kind of sink, cooking appliances and accessories will suit your kitchen best.

Visit a kitchen studio! Try opening and closing a cabinet door, pulling out a drawer or a wire basket. Check whether it suits you. Ask a designer your questions. It is best if you will be offered a 3D project of your future kitchen based on your kitchen room plan, water, gas and electricity plan and, certainly, your individual preferences.

As for selecting the door finish, worktop pattern and accessories, you’d better do it live in a kitchen studio, not via a website.

Are you not done yet renovating your residence? In our kitchen studios they will explain to you how to position electric sockets and how to do the tiling, what kind of sink, cooking appliances and accessories will suit your kitchen best.

It is not an easy thing to get a kitchen to an individual order, but it is definitely lots of fun!

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